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The word ‘naturism’ was coined by a French speaking Belgian in 1778 named Jean Baptiste Luc Planchon and was used as an expression of promoting the natural style of life.

Naturism or Nudism is a cultural and political movement, which encourages a lifestyle of nudity in private and in public. ‘Public nudity,’ ‘clothes-free,’ and ‘social nudity’ are alternative terms used for naturism.

The naturist philosophy can be traced back to early 20th century health and fitness philosophies in Germany, which promoted the concept of returning to nature and creating equality. This philosophy spread to the UK, Canada and the US where naturist clubs were consequently formed. Subsequently, tourist naturism developed and nudist resorts were erected worldwide.

The definition of naturism varies geographically. In the US naturism and nudism have the same meaning whilst in Britain there is a clear distinction between the two terms. Nudism is the act of being naked. Naturism is a lifestyle, which embraces nature, the environment, and respect for others, healthy living, pacifism as well as nudity. Thus, at one end of the spectrum there are the Nudists who enjoy a naked life style and at the other end of the spectrum there are the Naturists who have deeply held believes and consider nudity as just one of their important principles.

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Nowadays, in Western society, social nudity is most often encountered in the context of bathing, swimming or in saunas. There is also an influx of naturist massage London Services promoting nude massage as a form of self-expression, sexual awareness and heightened eroticism. Although it is generally agreed that eroticism is not a Naturist Ideal, the term ‘naturist massage’ is now utilized in London and worldwide. To be more precise and to avoid upsetting those avid Naturists, the proper term for an adult massage is a nude massage, thus, embracing the true principles of nudism. The Foxy Naturist Massage London Odyssey offers all nudists and adventurous adults the opportunity to experience the most erotic naturist massage London has to offer! We welcome men and ladies the chance to express your deep desire to be naked and experience the pleasure of a thrilling nude massage performed by a naked massage therapist.

The Benefits of A Naturist Massage in London

These super sensual massages allow you to re-connect with humanity – to rectify your disconnectedness, to fulfil that burning desire for intimacy, to feel special, to feel alive, revived, wholesome and sexually aware. As humans, we all crave the power of touch so what better way to receive this than with a naturist Naturist Massage London 3massage in London. The Foxy Naturist Massage London will eradicate that feeling of isolation you may have and awaken your lifeless libido. Recipients of our incredibly sensual London naturist massages report an increase in their libido, an increase in confidence and overall happiness. These rapturous massages also help male clients with issues such as performance anxiety, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and prostate problems. Male clients do not have the pressure to perform sexually. All they have to do is submit themselves to the capable hands of their naked massage therapist and enjoy the sensual massage journey. Female clients report that they find these nude massages deeply arousing and liberating. They also feel more confident as a result of the nude massage therapy, for their bodies are not viewed with a critical eye but merely cherished and adored. They adore the warmth of soothing touch, gentle stimulation and the rapturous orgasmic climax. They feel special and in touch with their sensual side once again. The benefits are endless.

The Foxy Naturist Massage London

It is our Foxy Promise to You that we offer the most sensual naturist massage London has to offer. We have the most exciting Masseuses, the friendliest Team, the best reviews and the most ethical approach. Our aim is to entice you in to our Foxy World of Desire and keep you coming back for more and more. We are dedicated to offering you the most spine-tingling naturist massage London has to offer. Our Dream Team will knock your socks off – quite literally.

Think Naturist Massage London. Think Foxy.