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Body to Body Massage

Our erotically charged body to body massages are delectably intimate, profoundly provocative and sensationally sensuous.  You cannow sample the best of both worlds by indulging in a genuine therapeutic massage combined with a delicious flavour of eroticism. An erotic massage journey that will leave you feeling invigorated and truly liberated. These fabulous Foxy London body to body massages also incorporate tantric massage techniques, offering you a slow sensual release and, thus, transporting you to the peek of your sensual summit. Our bold and beautiful body to body London massage is designed to relieve you of all life’s tension and enhance your sexual energy. Sensual body to body massage combined with a lingam ending is often referred to as a happy ending massage in London, thus, all of these nude body to body massages culminate in an explosive sensual ending. A spectacular release that will leave you feeling alive and revived.

Foxy London Prostate Massage

Prostate MassageYour luxurious lingam massage can be further intensified with this ultra erotic London Prostate Massage.  Your Foxy Masseuse will increase the intimacy of your tantric massage indulgence by caressing your perineum and stimulating your most sacred area – the prostate gland.  Climaxes achieved from a prostate massage are very different to those derived by stimulating the lingam. They tend to connect men to their receptive sides, allowing a much deeper sense of pleasure. The anal region is a highly erogenous zone with a high pleasure potential for men and women alike. However, it is largely unexplored due to the many taboos in society. At Foxy, we celebrate your desire to explore the sensual awakening of your sacred spot and wish to take you on a gentle and loving intimate massage journey which will release you of your physical and emotional tension and leave you in a meditative and tranquil state of mind.
Tantric Massage London 

Foxy London Four Hand Massage

Four Hand MassageLavish yourself with this fantastically Foxy Four Hand Massage in London, performed by two nubile, nude Masseuses.  Imagine…two ravishingly sexy Massage Therapists soothing and caressing your entire torso, sliding and gliding against you in complete unison and harmony. A seductive symphony of the senses! This enticing Four Hand London Massage is the ultimate male fantasy which we can transform into your reality.  A sensually uplifting experience that will make you feel alive, impassioned and omnipotent. Supreme sensual experiences allow us to become more self-aware, more fulfilled and confident. Live your life to the Max and book this fabulous Four Hand Massage London now!

Foxy Extra Lingam Massage London

Lingam MassageSeize the day and spoil yourself with the Foxy Extra Lingam London Massage – a true treat for the senses – a tsunami of double the pleasure! You work hard, so play harder!  At Foxy Tantric Massage London we encourage all hedonistic bodily gratification so this extra lingam massage is the perfect remedy to release yourself from the pressure cooker of life! So what does the Foxy extra Lingam Massage London consist of?  Your fabulous Foxy Masseuse will bring you to orgasmic pleasure at the beginning of your body to body massage and then proceed to build you up again – seductively, imaginatively and hungrily! She will soothe all your aching muscles, whilst arousing you with her carnal body to body massage slides and glides, building you up once again along a racy rollercoaster ride of rapture. As you ride the waves of intense sensual pleasure you will be yearning and craving for that second climax – the ultimate release to your day! This double lingam massage will leave you feeling truly and utterly relaxed and you will achieve a trance-like state of euphoria.  What better way to relax than with this supremely erotic adult massage! Book your Fox today!

Foxy Couples Massage London

It is only natural to want to experiment in the boudoir as a couple. We find that life’s routines and demands often make us lackluster Couples Massagesexually and consequently that spark fades.  This is precisely why we have created the most sumptuous massage in London for Couples.  All adult ladies and gents with great expectations, we offer you the chance to allow your relationship to soar to a new provocative plateau with the thrilling Foxy Couples Massage London.  It is truly alluring to witness one’s partner being intimately massaged, caressed and adored by the soothing hands of a beautiful nude massage therapist, whilst simultaneously receiving such erotic massage pleasure oneself.  Immersed in the purest of natural oils, your two delectable Massage Therapists slide and glide against your wanton torsos, in complete synergy, soothing you both of your physical tension whilst heightening your erotic arousal. A hypnotic and seductive sensation that culminates in a luscious Lingam massage for all gents and a mind-blowing yoni massage for all lovely ladies.

At Foxy Tantric Massage London, we understand that all couples have different fantasies and desires, which is why you can sample the Foxy Couples Massage in London with either two female Foxes or allow yourself to be tantalized by a female and male Masseur.  A truly titillating journey that will add zest to every relationship. So live your life to the full and take a break from the ordinary to make life extraordinary with the No.1 sensual couples massage in London. Think Foxy!
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